Full Size Coaches without Toilets

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Reg No.


Ref No.
2009 Volvo B9R Plaxton Panther 57 12.23m, 57 Reclining Seats, Crew Seat, Leather Headrests, Air Con., Plug Power Door, I Shift G/box, Retarder, Alloy Wheels, Euro 5 Engine
Low Mileage (Approx. 320,000km - Immaculate Condition
Ext. White/Green/Orange
Int. Red
3/17 "09" Plate 94,950 148L416
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2005 Dennis Javelin Plaxton Profile 57 Crew Seat, In-swinging Power Door, Air Con., Radio PA CD, Manual G/box,
Good Pedigree - Two Top Class Owners - Low Mileage
Ext. White
Int. Blue
April 2016 "05" Plate 34,000
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2004 Scania K94 Scania Intercentury 49/53/57 Choice of vehicles and seating 49/53/57 to suit preference, Crew Seat, Air Con., CD Player, Auto G/box, Re-trimmed Seats, New Tyres, Repainted White Ext. White
Int. (Choice)
New MOT "04" Plate 29,950 140L125
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1999 Volvo B10M Plaxton Premier 350 57 57 Passenger Seats, Seat Belts, Crew Seat, In-swinging Power Door, Manual G/box, Recent Re-trim, (Choice of Two) Ext. White
Int. Blue
May & June 2017 "T" & "V" Plate 11,950 165J716
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